1. Cut, fill and ice an 8” cake and cover in whatever color fondant you like.

2. Pick out a Designer Prints™ decoration you would like to use. For this design, you can use the Serendipity Designer Prints™ (Item #46469) or Serendipity Variety Designer Prints™ Sheets (Item #46470).

3. Roll out your fondant to about 1/8th of an inch thick. Wet the top of your fondant lightly with a damp cloth or piping gel and apply the Designer Prints™.

4. Using your cutter, cut desired shapes and flowers. In this instance, we are using the “Elegant flower” cutter by www.cakesbyximena.com.

5. Use a small dab of water to wet the back of your piece and arrange on your cake. Take the tips of the petals and curl these up.

6. Use a #3 plain tip (Item #11022), apply small accents of dots around the cake.

To order everything you need to decorate this cake, please click here.

Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks