1. Mix small batches of tinted icings in green and red using Leaf Green and Super Red Liqua-Gels.

2. Ice cake in white and apply Designer Prints™ decorations, as shown.

3. Use a #070 ruffle tip to create ruffles around the sides of the cake.

4. Pipe a small, red shell border above the drapes on the sides using a #16 shell tip.

5. Accent each point of the drapes with a small rosebud, using red icing and a #104 rose tip.  For even smaller rose buds, use a #102 rose tip.

6. Use a #352 leaf tip to pipe green leaves at the base of each rose tip.

7. Use a #22 star tip to create a top shell border in white buttercream and a bottom border in red buttercream.

8. Use #3 round tip to write on the cake and pipe scroll accents.

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Decorating idea by Bobbijo Dalton