1. Be sure to start “glass slipper” construction at least two days in advance; a variety of tutorials and cutting patterns can be found on the internet. 

2. Support the shoe to dry at the angle shown. Good drying platforms include a Styrofoam dummy, a modified aluminum can, or a plastic bottle.

3. When the shoe is assembled and dry, lightly brush with Clear Piping Gel and then sprinkle with Rainbow Edible Glitter.

4. Ice the cake with white icing.

5. Airbrush the top of the cake as shown with Pink Liquid Airbrush Color.

6. Apply the print shown from the Princess Designer Prints™.

7. Make a small batch of pink icing using Pink Liquid Airbrush Colors.  Pipe a bottom border around the base of the cake using pink icing and a #5 tip.

8. Lightly brush piping gel on 3 Small, 2 Medium and 1 Large White Royal Icing Roses. Then sprinkle each with Rainbow Edible Glitter.

9. Arrange sparkled roses around the shoe as shown, anchoring with white icing leaves, using a #352 deep cut tip.

10. Attach the slipper with a small dollop of white icing. 

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks