1. Assemble and ice the cake.

2. Apply the striped pattern from Nautical Variety Designer Prints™ decorations around the sides of the cake.

3. Mix a batch of red icing using DecoPac Super Red Premium Gel.

4. Use red icing in a #10 round tip to pipe a bottom border.

5. Make a template for cutting out the octopus. Use a firm material such as light-weight cardboard.

6. Make a batch of medium blue fondant using DecoPac Royal Blue Premium Gel.

7.  Roll out the fondant about 1/8” thick. Place the octopus template on the fondant and cut around it with an X-Acto type blade.

8. Carefully lift the octopus and place it in the middle of the cake as shown. Lift up the end of the far right tentacle so that it is curling slightly off the surface of the cake.

9. Attach a mustache Dec-Ons® decorations to the face of the octopus with a little squirt of icing

10. Make a batch of black icing using Lucks Black Liquid Airbrush Color.

11. Use the black icing with a #3 tip to make a drop string outline around the octopus. With the same tip, pipe the eye and eye patch.

12. Freehand cut a bandana shape out of white rolled fondant. Make it a little larger that the head so that it can be scrunched a bit. Apply a portion of the red polka dot pattern to the bandana shape with a light application of water. Tuck the ends of the print up under the edge of the fondant.  Make a bandana tie as shown using the same method above.

13. Add the bandana to the octopus using some white icing underneath for volume. Add a few folds while arranging it on the cake.

14. Outline the top of the bandana and the tie in black royal icing.

15. Pipe an earring and hook hand using white icing and a #4 tip. Then use a small paintbrush to apply a coat of Lucks Silver Shimmer Airbrush Color to the surface of the hook and earring.

16. Finish by using white icing to pipe a cuff at the base of the hook as shown, and then cover it with a snippet of the black striped pattern from the Nautical Variety Designer Prints™.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks