1. Mix batches of pale and dark yellow, pale and dark pink, lime green and sky blue icings, using airbrush colors.

2. Ice the cake using pale yellow icing, and pipe an inset top beaded border using yellow in a #5 round tip.

3. Use scissors or an X-Acto™ knife to cut transfer sheets into decorative strips, matching the dimensions of your iced sheet cake, as shown.

4. Working on a clean surface, lay strips, textured side up, on a piece of parchment.

5. Melt tinted chocolate and spread evenly over strips. TIP: Pick up each strip using a small, clean spatula or tweezers and remove to a clean piece of parchment. This will ensure clean edges that won’t need trimming. Allow chocolate to set, but do not chill. TIP: Use oil-based candy colors to tint chocolate, or use pre-colored candy melts.

6. When panels have adequately set up, gently attach each (acetate side facing out) to its corresponding side of the cake, pressing them into the icing. TIP: If icing has crusted, apply a bit of icing to the backs of each panel before application.

7. Use #104 petal and #79 chrysanthemum tips with pale pink, dark pink and blue icings to pipe a few flower bases, as shown.

8. Nestle royal icing roses into these flower bases.

9. Use white royal icing roses to fill out the floral arrangement.

10. Use green and dark yellow icings in #4 tips to add stylized leaves and buds to the floral spray.

11. Peel away acetate strips from chocolate panels before serving.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks