1.    Mix a variety of icings using Lucks Airbrush Colors: Lavender (Item #10163), Orange (Item #10164), Purple (Item #45758), Green (Item #10162) mixed with Yellow (Item #10167) for the perfect lime, and Blue (Item #10158) mixed with a drop of Green for a vibrant turquoise.

2.    Apply icings in a variety of textures, from loose spatula work, to fur using a #22 star tube (Item #11074), to ghoulish blobs using a #8 plain round tube (Item #11031), to standard cupcake applications with the open end of a Plastic Coupler (Item #11024) or a 4B large French pastry tube (Item #10968)

3.    Use a small spatula, such as a 5” off-set spatula (Item #9573), to create a mouth on each cupcake with a quick swipe of the wrist.

4.    Accentuate each mouth cavity with a light spray of Lucks Black Liquid Airbrush Color (Item #10157).

5.    Mix and match eyes from the Silly Face Pieces Dec-Ons® decorations (Item #45811).

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks