1.    Mix blue, orange, red and lime green icings using Lucks Liquid Airbrush Colors in Blue, Orange, Red and 3:1 Yellow to Green.

2.    Pipe one mound of tinted icing on each cupcake using a #809 large plain round tube. TIP: the color of the mound will be the main color of the cupcake décor; vary color schemes for the most festive effect.

3.    Pipe two bands of coordinating ruffles around each mound of icing, using a #70 leaf tube and icing in the color of the original mound.

4.    Pipe an accent ruffle band—in a complementary color—over the previous two ruffle bands, as shown.

5.    Pipe a final mound of icing at the top of each cupcake, in the primary icing color, with the #809 tip.

6.    Finish by placing one Clown Assortment Dec-Ons® decoration on each cupcake.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks