1. Mix a batch of light pink icing using Lucks Pink Liquid Airbrush Color.

2. Ice the cake.

3. Use a razor knife to trim around the pink scalloped border of the Birthday Princess Edible Image®. Apply image to the middle top of the cake.

4. The next step is to prepare the colored fondant for the ruffles. Use DecoPac Deep Pink Premium Gel and White/Vanilla Fondant to mix four shades of pink fondant as shown.

5. Roll the darkest pink colored fondant on the thinnest setting of a pasta machine and lay it down on a lightly powdered surface.

6. Cut out three circles of ruffles with a ruffle cutter and cut through each of them in order to open the circles out into a straight line. Attach the lines of ruffles end to end to create one long ruffle.

7. Repeat this process with each color of pink fondant, attaching the ruffles to each other with a little water as you make them. Start with the darkest pink on the bottom and end with the lightest pink on top. When you complete the ruffle, trim the top edge with a ruffled pastry wheel.

8. Attach the completed ruffle about half way down the side of the cake as shown with a little water, cutting off the excess with a razor knife so that the ends match up. Tip: The ruffle can also be attached to the cake as each piece is made, if so desired.

9. Once the ruffle is firmly attached to the cake, use a tool to fluff the ruffles out a little for a more dimensional look.

10. Leave enough room for a small pearl bottom border piped with pink icing and a #5 tip.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks