Image courtesy of Peet's Coffee
Specialty coffee company Peet’s Coffee has introduced its fall beverages, which became available Wednesday, August 29. These beverages are influenced by a variety of enchanting spices.

The debuting Vanilla Cardamom Latte tops the list, alongside several returning favorites. The Vanilla Cardamom Latte adds vanilla and cardamom to hand-pulled espresso and freshly-steamed milk.

Returning for 2018 is the Vine & Walnut Blend, a limited-edition, medium roast coffee that brings together coffees from Ethiopia, Burundi, and Sumatra to create a fall blend complete with forest aromatics, dry notes of mocca, and deep, syrupy plum.

Other favorites back on the menu are the Pumpkin Latte and Pumpkin Chai Latte. These beverages, plus the Vanilla Cardamom Latte and Vine & Walnut Blend, will be available until Thursday, November 1 at Peet's coffeebars nationwide.

“We prize craft above all else at Peet's, and we are always exploring unique ways to pull forward complex flavors from our coffee,” says Patrick Main, Senior R&D Manager at Peet's Coffee. “The Vanilla Cardamom Latte presents a warm but intensely aromatic taste that evokes fall in a surprising way. And, since the first Peet's coffeebars also sold spices, we value any chance to honor our founder by integrating remarkable ingredients he once sold behind the register.”