Pies from Dominique Ansel's Pie Nights in 2017
Last week, Dominique Ansel Kitchen announced the return of its annual Pie Nights, a popular event series in which customers get unlimited slices of ten different pie variations in both sweet and savory flavors, at a cost of $55 per person.

The series has been such a success in the New York City area that Dominique Ansel is bringing it to two more cities in the fall. Dominique Ansel Bakery in London will host Pie Nights on October 3-4, while the recently-opened 189 by Dominique Ansel in Los Angeles, California will host Pie Nights on October 17-18 and 24-25.

While the menus for those Pie Nights have yet to be released, they are sure to offer some unique variations on the fall favorite dessert. New York’s Pie Nights will feature these ten flavors:

  • Home-style chicken pot pie with butter biscuit crust
  • Slow braised pork shank pie with potatoes, onions, and cognac
  • Artichoke and white cheddar pie
  • Fennel sausage and tomato pie with sage and melted mozzarella
  • Wild mushroom sherry cottage pie with creamy parsnip purée
  • Vanilla bean flan with a hint of dark caribbean rum
  • Salted caramel harvest apple pie
  • Nutella angel cream pie with whipped sour cream mousse
  • Stone fruit pie with honey guava mousse and raspberry jam
  • Warm chocolate poached pear pie

The pies will be served with ice cream to make the dishes à la mode and bottomless apple sangria will accompany the dishes throughout the night.