Image courtesy of Iowa State Fair
State fairs are known for bringing out some of the best in food creativity. The Iowa State Fair, in particular, is famous for its culinary adventures.

The latest showstopper at the fair is Cookie Dough Spaghetti. This unusual creation from vendor Dipped in Chocolate is a fun take on cookie dough in the shape of spaghetti.

Cookie Dough Spaghetti is created by putting a scoop of cookie dough through a hand-pressed pasta maker. The cookie dough noodles are then placed on a red gingham plate to give it a homey feel. The noodles are covered in a "spaghetti sauce" made from mixing Ghirardelli white chocolate sauce with red food dye, and the finishing touch is a Ferrero Rocher hazlenut chocolate that resembles a meatball.

The Des Moines Register describes the dish well by saying, "If Cookie Monster worked as a chef at Olive Garden, this is the fun fair food he would make that people would lineup to try."

The tasty plate costs $6 and is available at the Dipped in Chocolate stand at the Iowa State Fair, which runs from August 9 to August 19 in Des Moines, Iowa.