The pumpkin spice flavor seems to arrive earlier every year. August has turned into the new September, as retailers across the country look to get the flavor to consumers quicker than ever while we're still in the midst of summer.

That seems to be especially true for coffee giant Starbucks. It is rumored that the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) will make its return to the menu on August 27 this year. That would be one day earlier than last year, when it came back on August 28. In 2017, the beverage didn't come out until September 5.

While the beverage announcement hasn’t been made just yet, Business Insider has reported the specific return date after hearing from workers at the company. In response, a Starbucks representative told Business Insider on Monday that the company had nothing to share about the PSL return date at this time.

It remains to be seen when the beverage will officially join the menu, but an announcement should arrive soon as we approach the end of the month.

Meanwhile, another chain has jumped on fall flavors early. On Monday, Dunkin’ announced that its seasonal menu will launch on Wednesday, August 21. It will feature some of the classic tastes of fall, including pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon.