A new 12-page, full color catalog from Force Control Industries details Posistop brakes for food processing, brewery and bottling plant applications.  Oil Shear Technology ensures long service life with no maintenance or adjustment. 

Ideal for high cycle count applications (up to 250+ CPM), from 2 pound-foot to 4,152 pound-foot torque ratings, they are available with air or hydraulic actuation.  Spring set or pressure set, Posistop brakes are available in foot mounted, c-face and motor mounted designs.  They fit NEMA frame 56 to 440 motor frames, with IEC and custom frames available. 

Totally enclosed sealed housings allow them to operate in severe environments.  Various cooling options include basic, fan, water, oil-to-air and forced lubrication.  Wash down, Marine Duty, severe and hazardous duty option available.  Thousands of Posistop brakes are in use in a diverse array of industries including food and beverage processing, lumber, mining, packaging, steel, fabrication, pipe mills, military, concrete block plants, ice cream production, meat packing, bakeries, candy production, rail loading/unloading and more. 

They are ideal for applications where precise stopping and repeatability are required, including winches/hoists, palletizing, conveying, indexing, turn-overs/dumpers, coal sampling, production machines, automotive production and more.  Available in hard copy by request, this new literature can be downloaded at http://www.forcecontrol.com/images/downloads/eCatalogs/Posistop_Catalog_2018_031418.pdf .  

Posistop brakes with oil shear technology are of the hydroviscous type which transmits torque through specially formulated transmission fluid between the drive plates and friction discs.  The transmission fluid is also used for cooling and provides a hydroviscous fluid film between the friction disc and the drive plate during the dynamic braking phase of engagement.  The transmission fluid in shear transmits torque between the two components increasing as the clamping pressure increases until mechanical lockup occurs.  Cooling the friction surfaces and reducing the mechanical wear significantly increases the thermal capacity and total cycle life, allowing oil shear brakes to operate without maintenance or adjustment.  

Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio since 1969, Force Control Industries is the world leader in oil shear technology, offering a full line of clutches, brakes, and clutch brakes for OEMs in diverse applications.   Their manufacturing campus includes three manufacturing facilities with over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space along with engineering, design, customer support and administrative offices.  For additional information, visit www.forcecontrol.com, or e-mail sales@forcecontrol.com.