Image courtesy of DogSpot
One thing that prevents pet owners from going into restaurants or other businesses is their furry companions. Many establishments don’t allow pets inside, which makes it difficult for those who want to eat or shop but have a pet with them.

That concern can be alleviated for businesses that use DogSpot. The company is offering restaurants and retail operations commercial doghouses for customers’ short-term use. The smart sidewalk sanctuary provides dogs with a safe and cozy environment while their owners visit a business.

The way it works is that DogSpot leases its doghouses, made of shatterproof fiberglass, to the businesses. Customers who download the DogSpot app can find and reserve the units, which typically cost 30 cents per minute. That amount of time is perfect for those visiting a bakery or restaurant, as those trips can usually take less than an hour.

Each DogSpot unit features video cameras, allowing customers to monitor their pets via the app. They are air-conditioned during the summer and heated during the winter. They use UV lights to kill bacteria, viruses (including parvovirus), and molds between uses, giving dog owners extra peace of mind. DogSpot has consulted with dozens of vets to ensure dog wellness with its units.

These doghouses can have a great effect on business. They help to build customer loyalty among pet owners. According to DogSpot, 44 percent of households have dogs but 57 percent of stores cannot allow them inside. Additionally, the company says that 62 percent of its members feel less rushed when shopping with DogSpot as opposed to tethering their dogs.

DogSpot was co-founded by Chelsea Brownridge in Brooklyn in 2015 after she experienced frustration with the options available to her and her own dog. After DogSpot was founded, it went through a year of R&D before a two-year pilot program in Brooklyn. Now, it is being made available elsewhere, and the company is already in talks with restaurants in Baltimore, Boston, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Missouri, South Carolina, and Washington, D.C.