As part of its unique marketing strategy, Sublime Doughnuts promotes a YouTube series called ‘Will it Doughnut?’ in which it creates doughnuts with wacky new flavors that are chosen by spinning what it refers to as the ‘Wheel O’ Doughnuts’. The Atlanta-based doughnut shop then creates the doughnut flavor on camera and taste tests it.

The video series is the brainchild of founder Kamal Grant, who likes to bring fun ideas to his doughnut-making. Each week after a new video comes out, customers can purchase the latest doughnut creation at the bakery’s 10th Street store near the Georgia Tech campus.

In the first episode of season 2, which came out on Monday, July 9, Sublime Doughnuts created a salad doughnut. It features doughnut slices topped with lettuce, assorted fruits, candied pecans, and a salad dressing made from olive oil, cocoa butter, lemon, and honey.

The Sublime Doughnut Salad is the latest funky flavor that will certainly resonate with customers. Among the other unique flavors that have been created in the past are a Starburst Doughnut, Doughnut Nachos, and a Thanksgiving Stuffing Doughnut.