Chillicothe, Missouri has been billed as the birthplace of sliced bread, where the Chillicothe Baking Company first introduced it to the public on July 7, 1928. The city even has a museum, the Grand River Historical Society Museum, which preserves this history.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the introduction of sliced bread, Chillicothe held Sliced Bread Day. The event was sponsored by AB Mauri North America, a leader in yeast and bakery ingredient solutions and the owner of the iconic Fleischmann's Yeast brand.

“We take sliced bread for granted, but this was a huge leap forward for bakers in the early 20th century,” said Rick Oleshak, vice president of marketing, AB Mauri North America. “Any way you slice it, this is a part of American and baking history, and we're proud to lend our support.”

The July 7 event featured plenty of fun activities, kicking off with a French toast breakfast made from a sliced bread favorite, French toast. Following that, there was a Color Fest 5K Run, a farmer’s market, an open mic performance event, a bluegrass festival, and “The Greatest Parade Since Sliced Bread” among other activities.

“It is exciting to celebrate the 90th anniversary of sliced bread in our local Chillicothe community, and this year’s lineup of activities is better than ever,” said Amy Supple, director of Visit Chillicothe, before the event. “We’re especially thrilled to add such a recognizable and relevant brand like Fleischmann’s Yeast to the mix since we both have strong roots here in Missouri.”