Image courtesy of Le Politique
Le Politique is a French bakery that embraces its roots in Austin, Texas as well as being an homage to Texas and French politicians of the area.

On Saturday, July 14, Le Politique will celebrate its French heritage by throwing a big party in celebration of Bastille Day. The French national holiday commemorates the Storming of Bastille, a turning point in the French Revolution and a key moment in French history. Le Politique’s Bastille Day celebration will include treats and activities for the whole family.

Among those will be champagne waiter’s race, where competitors will battle in a tournament-style race with glasses filled high for a chance to win a Champagne Taittinger Magnum (which contains ten glasses of wine).

Additionally, there will be popsicles with champagne pour-overs from Champagne Supply Co. truck, half-off bottles of champagne, a brunch service complete with sweet and savory crepe stations, macarons in the national colors of France (red, white, and blue), temporary tattoos, and live music.

“Keep your red, white, and blue on after the 4th, amis. It’s Bastille Day on Saturday, July 14th – France’s national holiday and a bon raison to celebrate,” Le Polique says on itsevents page.