Richard Pfaff uses the same two Hobart mixers that his father bought when he founded Pfaff's Bakery in 1954.
For many bakers, bakery equipment holds a special place in their heart — like the 1954 and 1955 model Hobart mixers at Pfaff’s Bakery in Pontiac, Illinois.

Richard Pfaff, owner of Pfaff’s Bakery, is still using the same two mixers that his father bought when he started the bakery. These models are so sturdy that, according to Richard’s father, they had to bring them into the bakery originally with a tow truck. Richard likes that the mixers are gear driven, as it makes them very durable.

Richard’s father was an immigrant from Hungary and came to the US to work at his uncle’s bakery in Milwaukee. After getting experience there, he decided to open Pfaff’s Bakery in April 1954. Richard Pfaff has owned the bakery for almost 20 years and has added new location in Dwight, Illinois. This is now a satellite location for the bakery. Baking all occurs at the Pontiac location.

He started out working at the bakery when he was 8 years old. Now he is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the bakery. His goal is to make sure the customers get their products and are satisfied. Pfaff still comes in at 2:30 a.m. to get the bakery started for the day.

Signature products are the chocolate-chocolate long johns, smiley-face cookies, coffee cake, doughnuts and cakes. They have a following — parents bring in their kids to have the same baked goods they had as kids.

Pfaff considers being able to carry on his father’s tradition to be his greatest success, as well as having loyal customers.

“I would love to see my own children carry on the business,” he says, “and have Pfaff’s Bakery make it to 100 years.”