Image courtesy of Woops!
For those looking to get a more in-depth look at how French macarons are created, artisanal bakery chain Woops! is launching new macaron workshops.

The “largest macaron business in the U.S.” now has over 40 locations across 18 states specializing in these Parisian treats, and is looking to pass on that knowledge to customers in New York City. These workshops take place every Wednesday and Saturday from 4:00 p.m. Woops! offers three classes: two for different aged children focused on decorating macarons ($55 per person) and an adult version focused on baking macarons ($150 per person).

To celebrate the launch of the workshops, Woops! is offering a “buy one, get one 50 percent off” any class for the month of June.

“We received countless inquiries from customers who wanted to learn more about macarons. It’s a dessert that starts conversations and generates curiosity – we thought what better way to serve our customers than to bring the experience to life,” says Tal Avivi, co-founder and chief design and marketing officer. “Our chef was enthusiastic to get further involved and create an interactive experience for our loyal followers.”

The delicate dessert requires precise measurements and dedicated baking processes. It’s known to be a temperamental treat to master, depending heavily on precise proportions of egg whites, almond flour, and sugar.

“It’s easy to go to the store and pick up a box of macarons. What makes a macaron special is the art of making one. The art of the macaron takes time, patience and diligence – it truly is an art form, one that Parisians have perfected over the centuries,” says Chef Arbel. “We hope to give our customers an inside look at this process and take them through the journey of a made-from-scratch macaron from start to finish.”