Image courtesy of Barry Callebaut
Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut recently announced it was introducing a new flavor and color to its finest Belgian chocolate range. A brand-new caramel chocolate “gold” joined the ranks of the classic dark, milk, and white chocolate.

With this new recipe, Callebaut offers chefs a chance to indulge their customers with the popular flavor of caramel. Gold chocolate is produced entirely in Belgium from the bean. Callebaut Gold became available to chefs and artisans starting in April.

Gold chocolate brings a warm caramel and amber color with a golden hue to gourmet and artisan creations. The intense, balanced chocolate adds an unexpected injection of caramel flavor to any dessert with its rich tones of toffee, butter, and cream.

For years, caramel has been a popular element in the ranges of chocolatiers, bakers and pastry chefs and on the menus of many restaurant chefs. Yearly sales prove its popularity and show that consumers are paying more for caramel chocolate than for some traditional chocolate flavors.