Image courtesy of Food Network
Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas, Texas was featured on a recent episode of Food Network’s new show Dallas Cakes. The bakery created a couple's unique wedding cake that is a realistic depiction of an alligator.

The cake, featured on the second episode of the season, was five feet long and had scales, claws, and a jaw with an open mouth to showcase teeth made from white modeling chocolate. The inspiration for the cake came from the groom, who grew up feeding alligators on his family's farm in Arkansas.

“The hardest part about an alligator is getting the coloring right,” the bakers say in a promotional clip that was posted to Instagram.

This cake and other impressive creations are featured on Dallas Cakes, which airs at 10:30 p.m. EST on Mondays on Food Network. Frosted Art Bakery is one of the most renowned bakeries in the Dallas area, having earned countless awards over its 70-year history.