Image courtesy of Nathaniel Johnston Photography
Continuing its trend of alcohol-themed doughnuts, New York City’s The Doughnut Project is now serving a Pinot Grigio doughnut as a way to celebrate National Pinot Grigio Day on Thursday, May 17.

Beginning on Monday, May 14, the beloved doughnut shop offered the white wine-based doughnut to customers for a week-long event that will end on Sunday, May 20. This special doughnut, selling for $4.75, consists of a cheesecake filling and a Cavit Pinot Grigio glaze, and is topped with a meringue and gold sprinkles.

The doughnut was made in partnership with wine brand Cavit. Past partnerships that have resulted in limited-time flavors for The Doughnut Project include, Angry Orchard Hard Cider, Ruffino Wines, and Fonseca Port.

Last year, The Doughnut Project introduced a cocktail series that was quite popular with customers. For five weekends in a row in April and May of 2017, the doughnut shop honored its favorite NYC bars with doughnuts that tasted like each bar’s specialty cocktail. Each doughnut ranged in price from $5.00 to $5.75 and conjured up familiar tastes of bourbon, rum, and tequila-based drinks.