Image courtesy of Ardent Mills
At the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas earlier this spring, the culinary team at Ardent Mills presented ideas on how to use premium flours and grains to maximize pizza’s potential. Pizza flours, ancient and heirloom grains, and new products like crisped and IQF grains all were showcased with America’s favorite food in mind.

“High-quality wheat flour is the foundation for strong, flavorful pizza dough, and additional grains can do so much more for pizzerias,” says Chef Jason Gronlund, Technical Sales Manager Foodservice for Ardent Mills. “Ancient and heirloom flours and unmilled grains can differentiate crusts, add texture to salads, and inspire innovative ideas across pizzeria menus.”

Here are four of the latest pizza trends to watch, according to Ardent Mills:

  1. Healthier – Consumers are always on the lookout for more nutritional options for their favorite foods.  Whole, mixed, and gluten-free grains can add nutrient density, satiety, higher protein, and more fiber to dough formulations for pizza. These grains also add flavor and texture to crusts.
  2. Different Formats – Unconventional ingredients can add something special to pizza. For instance, Ardent Mills featured an “Avocado Toast” spelt flatbread crust with olive oil, mozzarella, shaved Parmesan, and green onion during the expo.
  3. Quality Sides and Extras – Different grains can make salads and sides more upscale and artisan. Pizza dough is being used for breadsticks, garlic knots, and other appetizers, while salads benefit from crisped or chewy grains that create varied textures.
  4. Dessert Pizza – Sweet pizza options can create additional sales for eateries. Apple pie filling and chocolate versions have been popular for some time, but look for ingredients like seasonal berries, fresh basil or mint, sweetened soft cheese, and citrus zest to make their way onto pizzas.