WIESHEU answers the increasing demand for the baking industry in the North American market with a commitment to a new sales and service partner starting in July 2013. For 10 years, the instore baking ovens designed and manufactured by this Southern Germany-based market leader have already been sold into Canada and the USA. Bizerba came ready for the task to increase the market penetration throughout North America and will not only strategically expand the sales network, but also further professionalize the service offering. Both companies growing from German roots have worked together very successfully for years in different markets; it only made sense to get Bizerba as a partner for the US-American and Canada zone.

WIESHEU now can further expand their international direction originating from their headquarters in Affalterbach.
The development is a significant increase in service for the North American market. This will be an important deciding factor for retailers and companies when investing in instore baking ovens. Particularly large, internationally active baking trades and food retail chains that want business partners at eye level, who deliver high quality, are present throughout the world and are familiar with the needs and legal basic conditions of the local market.

"All of these sales points need an instore baking oven, which guarantees the best product quality of baked goods and snacks in a small area and is also easy to operate. These criteria make a market attractive to us. The success of the past decade confirms this assessment,” according to Volker Gross, Managing Director of the WIESHEU GmbH, in regards to the role of the USA. "But we always need people on site who know the market, who can act in our favor with the necessary technical expert competency. Thus, it is a great win for us to be able to excite Bizerba for our network in the USA as a sales and service partner after eight years of a successful, intensive cooperation in other global markets."