Home Shopping Network will feature ComfortCake's best-selling original Luscious Lemon Slices and Sugarless Sweetness Luscious Lemon slices to customers seeking old fashioned Southern goodness, sugarless alternatives and affordable, portion-controlled indulgences. Home Shopping Network viewers will be able to purchase the slices on August 1st at 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. CST/ 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST and on the HSN website www.hsn.com.

The Chicago-based ComfortCake Company, makers of “Pound cake so good, it feels like a hug,” is taking its innovative products to HSN as part of an upcoming show focused on Southern Style food. “The significance and reach of Home Shopping Network is huge—we were first on in 2002 and are glad to be back. We have a lot more comfort to share with America now, including our Sugarless Sweetness slices,” says Amy Hilliard, Founder/CEO.

ComfortCake is the only made from scratch, gourmet, Southern-Style pound cake available in mass distribution. Available in slices, whole cakes and a mix, Amy's pound cake recipe is a family secret. “The ComfortCake recipes are my own, and I’ve been perfecting them for over 30 years,” she notes, “but I did definitely incorporate some of my grandmother's secrets in the process." When Amy's diabetic father wanted to continue eating her pound cake, she worked with a food chemist to develop a no sugar added recipe option with no aftertaste. After months of trying other sweeteners that didn't work, a new product was created in the process--Sugarless Sweetness, a unique and proprietary sugar substitute that is a one-for-one replacement for sugar that sweetens, bulks and browns like sugar and can withstand high baking temperatures. "Now, lots of more people can enjoy some ComfortCake®" Amy says, as according to the American Diabetes Association, there are 25.8 million people in the U.S. who have diabetes and 79 million who are prediabetic.

While ComfortCake's authentic homemade taste and sugarless option benefits are important, Hilliard emphasizes that part of the goal is to make people feel good too. “I think that it’s really timely to have a product that is a comfort food,” she states. “People universally love pound cake, and given these times, everybody can use a little hug these days just like our slogan says.”