Commercial dishwasher operators have long struggled to validate that the surface of their plates reach a temperature high enough to be effectively sanitized. The FDA requires that plate surfaces reach at least 160°F to “affect sanitation.” It further stipulates that the target temperature must be measured and recorded using “an irreversible registering temperature measuring device.”

But there has been a lack of available products capable of measuring the precise temperature of the plate surface. Until now, that is. Introducing the ThermoWorks DishTemp. Shaped like a plate, the DishTemp physically simulates your plate surfaces while it rides in the rack with the rest of the plates. Accurate to better than plus or minus 1°F and with a full 0.1° resolution, the DishTemp is waterproof to IP66 and features a rugged body capable of withstanding the harsh environment of a commercial dishwasher.

Waterproof probe thermometers can accurately measure the water temperature in the bottom of the dishwasher, but they can’t capture the plate surface temperature itself, which is what needs to be recorded to verify sanitation.

Thermal labels designed to change color when the plate surface reaches the sanitizing temperature (160°F/71°C) are frequently inaccurate. They can fall off, give false negatives, or require multiple washes to work. Studies estimate that an average restaurant can spend more than $1,000 a year on thermal labels alone.

The DishTemp offers a more accurate solution with an affordable one time expenditure, rather than an ongoing budget. And the DishTemp comes with a certificate traceable to the National Institute for Standards of Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

According to Randy Owen, Founder and CEO of ThermoWorks, “Some of our big commercial customers that have piloted the DishTemp are telling us this is a real breakthrough product. The Dishtemp makes safety and sanitation record-keeping easy. And it saves money.”

The new DishTemp is available at