goal setting, baking
When employees help set business goals, they are more committed to attaining them.

Any small business needs to have goals for both long and short term. Goals for the business itself and goals for all the individuals involved in running the business from owner on down all make a big difference when trying to get the most out of a solid business plan.

For owners and managers, helping and directing employees in goal setting for themselves shows a serious initiative and gives employees the right impression of management and ownership while getting both on the same page as well.

One way to bring employees into the process is to ask them to help formulate the company's short- and long-range goals. If they have a role in establishing the goals, they will be more committed to achieving them.

What areas of your employees' work are suitable for goal setting? Ask managers to identify the most important aspects of their work. In each area, they should set both short- and long-term goals. Carefully developed goals, if attained, should give the employee better control of the job. Each worker should define one or two goals in each of the following categories: regular work goals, problem-solving goals, innovative goals, development goals.

Regular Work Goals

These include the major part of the responsibilities. For example, the head of production or lead baker should focus on the quantity, quality and efficiency of production in the kitchen and the head decorator concentrates on developing ideas for new designs and perfecting existing processes, and decorating. In defining their regular work goals, employees should include ways of operating more efficiently, improving the quality of products and services, and expanding the quantity produced.

Problem-Solving Goals

These provide employees an opportunity to define their major problems and to set a goal to solve each one. There is no danger of ever running out of problems; new problems or new versions of old problems are always present.

Innovative Goals

Because of the push for new products and new methods in today's marketplace, innovation now gets much attention in seminars and publications. Owners, managers and workers should seek new and better production methods, explore better ways to serve customers and propose new products for the company. Bakery owners will need to use innovative approaches to make their company competitive in a fast-changing national and international economic environment.

Development Goals

In setting development goals, owners and managers recognize the importance of acquiring new skills. Managers should plan for the continued growth of each employee, both in technical areas and in work relations with fellow employees.