Cup4Cup is launching several new product lines for 2013, including Cup4Cup Pancake/Waffle flour debuting in spring. Cup4Cup was developed at The French Laundry by Chef Lena Kwak under the mentorship of Chef Thomas Keller and launched in August 2011.

Launching at Williams-Sonoma locations in 2011, Cup4Cup is a complete blend of multi-purpose, gluten-free flour made from all-natural ingredients that was developed at The French Laundry. The name “Cup4Cup” was inspired by an abbreviation of common cooking measurements to reflect the new product’s ability to replace all-purpose wheat flour in most recipes, literally “cup for cup.”

Cup4Cup commits to an excellence in taste, honing in on three key attributes often deficient in gluten-free flours—Neutral Flavor, Texture, and Performance. Cup4Cup is 100% gluten-free that is produced independently in a dedicated and Celiac Sprue Association-certified gluten-free facility and will expand sales nationwide in 2013 with several new product launches throughout the year. Please visit for more information.