Image courtesy of Sidecar Doughnuts
Sidecar Doughnuts in Costa Mesa and Santa Monica, California sells plenty of delicious doughnuts, but one is geared especially towards breakfast lovers by stuffing eggs Benedict inside.

The Basil Eggs Benedict features a malasada-style doughnut stuffed with ham and a pre-poached egg. It is then fried and finished with a piping of basil Hollandaise sauce inside.

Each doughnut costs $6, and is well worth it for the entire-breakfast-in-one concept. Sidecar has other unique doughnut flavors, including corn bread, birthday cake, coconut cream pie, and passion fruit matcha.

Sidecar fries its doughnuts in batches every hour. The shop uses fresh, seasonal products and makes everything in-house from real ingredients. That includes infused glazes, hand crushed compotes, flavored custards and creams, and homemade pie crust and streusel crumble toppings.