Image courtesy of KSDK News - St. Louis
The Cup in St. Louis, Missouri and Edwardsville, Illinois had a special surprise for its customers on April Fools’ Day weekend. The bakery sold fried rice cupcakes, although they weren’t really fried rice topped with vegetables.

The Fried Rice Cupcake was available Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31 at both locations. It consisted of a golden yellow cupcake topped with chocolate buttercream frosting and a mixture of sprinkles to represent fried rice.

The other ingredients included crumbled up yellow cake to mimic scrambled eggs, green buttercream frosting to mimic peas, orange candied discs that were broken apart to mimic carrots, and Laffy Taffy covered in green nonpareils to mimic broccoli.

To finish the cupcake, it was topped with “chopsticks” made from wooden coffee stirrers and then placed in classic Chinese takeout containers. Each cupcake came with a fortune cookie for an added bonus.

The Fried Rice Cupcakes were so popular that they sold out by early Saturday, March 31. The Cup has had great success with these limited-time treats. In previous years to celebrate April Fools’ Day, the bakery has done sweet versions of other food items such as mashed potatoes with gravy, mini taco salads, and root beer floats.