Image courtesy of Jason Calvert (@jaycally/Instagram)
A small number of Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Boston, Massachusetts are testing some new products as part of a $2 menu, most notably donut fries.

These donut sticks are covered in cinnamon and sugar, and are small enough to make for an afternoon snack or a pairing with a coffee beverage. They are based on Taco Bell’s recently successful introduction of its nacho fries, which are fries covered in a bold Mexican seasoning.

Donut fries come in a pack of five for $1.99, and if they’re successful at the Boston locations they may soon be introduced elsewhere. In the meantime, they are still going through the testing stage.

Other snack items being tested at Dunkin’ Donuts include Munchkin Dippers (donut holes dipped in chocolate sauce), Ham & Cheese Rollups, Gluten-Free Fudge Brownies, Pretzel Bites (with a Honey Dijon dipping sauce), Waffle-Bread Chicken Tenders, and Warm Cookies.