A Somerset sheeter is demonstrated at The Americas Cake Fair in October 2017.
Thin is in, when it comes to cake designs. Just ask “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, who relies on Somerset sheeters to save valuable time and labor costs at his world-famous bakeries.

“I’m a big fan of the Somerset sheeter,” Valastro says. “We roll out our fondant thin — one-eighth-inch thick — and cut little strips out to make our ruffles. We line them up and layer up the side of the cake. One thing we learn in the bakery is that time is money.”

The Somerset CDR-500F is an ideal fondant sheeter for bakeries that need high-volume, dependable performance. With production capabilities of 500-600 sheets per hour, the CDR-500F sheets virtually every type of dough, regardless of consistency, to a uniform thickness in seconds.

For Valastro, time is money and he keeps a hectic schedule, whether it involves speaking as headliner at the Americas Cake Fair in Orlando, Florida, or opening his newest Carlo’s Bakery in Santa Monica, California. You’d think he might not find time to make many cakes nowadays, but baking is in his blood. He first learned to bake cakes from this father at their family business — founded in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 1910.

Most recently, Carlo’s Bakery continues to expand in the state of Texas with its fourth store, which opened on March 24 at the city’s The Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio.

Innovation is just part of the growth the bakery needs to have, as his business grows to 22 locations and counting. “The bakery’s been around since 1910, so times and trends have changed,” Valastro says.

For bread bakers, dough sheeters offer wonderful benefits. Solveig Tofte, founder and head baker of Sun Street Breads in Minneapolis, produces a versatile menu of artisan breads, pastries, cookies and crackers at her shop, so she needs a sheeter she can rely on. She uses a Rondo sheeter.

From Rondo, the Econom is the ideal space-saving dough sheeter for hotels, restaurants, pizza shops and artisanal bakeries. The Econom sheets dough gently and precisely and only uses a minimum of space. With its 500-millimeter working width, it is the ideal dough sheeter for narrow areas. The end-thickness stop makes it easy to set the desired final thickness precisely. Other benefits include consistent final thicknesses of the dough bands and uniform product size and weight.

Numerous elaborate details make the Econom easy to clean. The equipment features smooth surfaces, and scapers can be fitted and removed without tools. Further, the Econom allows you to work without exertion because operating elements and controls are easy to reach.

Perfect for any job

For larger jobs, Reiser offers a portfolio of equipment and applications that satisfy a wide range of needs for bakeries.

At the end of the day, a Vemag Stuffer is nothing more than a very precise pump. What makes it special are the numerous attachments that can be fitted to the Vemag to produce a wide range of bakery products.

Vemag Stuffers can be used with brownie sheeters, make-up lines, toppings and sheets of fat or margarine onto dough make-up lines.