Image courtesy of Hurts Donut Co.
In late December, Hurts Donut Co. locations unveiled an unusual new donut that is one of the strangest flavors many of its customers have ever encountered.

Inspired by National Pickle Day, which takes place on November 14, Springfield, Missouri-based Hurts Donut developed its Pickle Donut. It’s a yeast donut that is stuffed with a pickle cheesecake filling, dipped in vanilla icing, sprinkled with dried dill, and then topped with pickle juice cubes.

Through a partnership with food website Delish, Hurts Donut is bringing back the Pickle Donut for two weeks. The donut chain will bring the unique offering to its 16 locations across the Midwest.

Hurts Donut opened four years ago in Springfield, and hadn’t made a single donut until 12 hours before its opening. Now, it is one of the fastest growing and unique donut shops in the country. The 24-hour bakery specializes in handmade donuts topped with quirky ingredients.

It has also become known for its unique promotions, such as the Creepy Clown and Cupid delivery people during holidays. All of these ideas have helped Hurts Donut to become a social media sensation and bring in more interested customers.