Image courtesy of U.S. Pizza Team
The U.S. Pizza Team and its fourteen members are set to return to Parma, Italy to show off their skills in the 27th World Pizza Championship on April 9-11.

Participants will compete in several categories, including traditional pizza, pizza on the peel, gluten-free, pizza in the pan, pizza for two (made by two pizzaiolos together), largest dough-stretch, fastest pie maker, and freestyle acrobatics.

The team is filled with both eager first-timers and returning veterans. “I am so excited to go and experience the competition and Italian pizza IN Italy,” says newcomer Sean Dempsey.

“This is our Super Bowl,” says team veteran Jason Samosky. “Our team prepares all year for this competition, and every year we still come home having learned something new about our industry and pizza.”

In order to prepare for the World Pizza Championship, the U.S. Pizza Team competes all year round in various trials across the country. These trials are designed to mimic the big event to better prepare the competitors. Winners of each trial in the United States win a trip to the World Pizza Championship.

To learn more about the competition and to see the full list of U.S. Pizza Team competitors, go to the U.S. Pizza Team’s website.