Kuchentratsch owner Katharina Mayer and one of her employees.
A bakery in Germany is going older with its workforce, and is getting good results. Kuchentratsch bakery in Munich employs retired men and women over the age of 65 as bakers in their kitchen.

Started by twenty-something Katharina Mayer, the business gives retired people the opportunity to earn extra income with meaningful work while getting to engage with other people. The bakery does not require extensive baking experience, as several individuals working there have learned skills on-the-job.

The job is very flexible for these seniors, as they are able to choose how many hours and days they can be available. Kuchentratsch supplies its goods to several Munich businesses as well as delivering to customers throughout Germany, so there is plenty of need for cake makers.

Mayer was inspired to open a bakery like this because of her own grandmother. “I started by asking myself, ‘Where can you get a really good piece of cake?’ But I always got the best cake at my own granny’s,” Mayer tells The Local.

The seniors, of which there are 35 employed at Kuchentratsch, are loving the part-time employment. “I love to bake. It's not worth it on your own, though. Now at least I can do some baking,” says 77-year-old Rosemarie Rottmann.