Image courtesy of 189 by Dominique Ansel
On November 10, Dominique Ansel Bakery Los Angeles officially opened its doors. The bakery opened around the same time as, and just below, the 189 by Dominique Ansel restaurant.

That restaurant is the host of a new pop-up that opened on Monday, March 12 and runs until Friday, March 16. The limited-time Dom’s Burgers is celebrating the return of spring by creating a picnic-style environment for customers.

The 189 by Dominique Ansel dining room features fake grass, hammocks, and picnic blankets, as well as burgers coming in four options: beef, lamb, hot chicken, and veggie. There will also be carts parked throughout the dining room, including a roasted nut cart and a make-your-own-lemonade stand featuring strawberry-basil and pineapple variations.

The bakery is providing fresh-baked desserts for the pop-up. Among those will be chocolate chunk, chocolate pecan, and white chocolate sea salt macadamia cookies at $4 per cookie.

Customers make their orders by getting a card stamped at each individual stand, and presenting that card for the final bill. It is just one of the many features of the Dom’s Burgers pop-up that provides a casual atmosphere sure to bring in plenty of interested foodies.