Joe Heck, the head cake baker at Huron Mountain Bakery in Marquette, Michigan, is known for his skill with cakes but also for another kind of artistry.

On his arm is a tattoo sleeve full of baking-themed tattoos. His shoulder features a tattoo that reads “Let ‘Em Eat Cake” on top of a Raspberry Bomb cake. Beneath that is an “Angry Hedgehog” mixing up cake batter, meant to represent the opening of his shop after ten years.

Next up is a wedding cake on fire that is being built by a beaver. This celebrates Heck’s decision to partner up with Huron Mountain Bakery two years ago. Finally, there is a blind mouse trying to steal a piece of cake, which was done in honor of his good friend who recently passed away.

Joe Heck is much more famous for his cake skills, however. “Joe is one of the most amazing cake decorators that I've seen. It's very hard to find the level of expertise combined with the charisma and dedication to the art of cake decorating that he has,” says Huron Mountain Bakery owner John Scheidt.