Image courtesy of Paris Baguette
Paris Baguette is growing throughout the world, with more than 3,700 locations in South Korea, China, Singapore, Vietnam, France, and the United States. The fast casual, bakery-café chain began franchising in the U.S. in 2015, and now has 65 locations nationwide with over 300 more projected by 2021.

The latest store recently opened in La Habra, California. It has a self-service feature, where customers can select their favorite breads, croissants, and baked goods and bring it to the counter.  Also available are sandwiches, salads, specialty cakes, beverages, and snacks.

“We have always been a fan of the Paris Baguette brand,” says the franchisee for the La Habra location. “We believe that the quality and variety of the products are great. We also believe that the brand has a lot of potential to grow throughout the United States.”

La Habra’s Paris Baguette will have a grand opening event on the weekend of February 23-25. Customers can get a coupon book, a free insulated lunch bag, or a free mug with a qualifying purchase.