Image courtesy of Maison Kayser
Maison Kayser, a chain of bakeries from renowned French baker Eric Kayser, has brought two stores to Washington, D.C. this February. The first location, which debuted on February 8, and the second, which is scheduled for February 22, are the first Maison Kayser locations in the United States outside of New York City.

To celebrate these new locations, the casual eatery will have special offers for customers:

  • A free dessert with the purchase of a tartine for lunch
  • A free French onion soup with the purchase of any dine-in entree for dinner
  • A free basket of croissants (croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins) with the purchase of any cocotte for brunch

The first two offers are good until Friday, March 2, while the last offer is good until Sunday, March 4. They are available at both D.C. locations.

Kayser has prepared a special bread for the new locations, an ancient grain loaf. It will only be sold in D.C., along with the bakery’s lineup of standout breads.