Image courtesy of National Chicken Council
On Sunday, February 4, the biggest football game of the year takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will battle for the National Football League championship.

Millions around the country will tune in to watch the game, and that means that millions will enjoy foods and beverage at parties, bars, or restaurants. According to an annual survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF), an estimated 188.5 million people will be watching. That projects to $15.3 billion in total spending for the big game.

Much of that will be connected to food and beverage spending. Of the 76 percent of those surveyed by NRF who plan to watch the game, 82 percent say they will purchase food and beverages, which is up from 80 percent from last year and is the highest in the survey’s history.

“Whether throwing their own party, heading to a friend’s house, or gathering at their favorite bar or restaurant, consumers are ready to spend on the big game,” says NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay.

Chicken wings tend to be one of the most consumed items during the big game. According to the National Chicken Council, a record 1.35 billion wings will be consumed that weekend. That is up 20 million wings from 2017. Guacamole is another popular item, and The California Avocado Commission projects that 139 million pounds of avocados will be consumed. Last year, $58 million was spent on sandwiches, and that number is expected to increase as well.