Founded in 1918, the Retail Bakers of America (RBA) has been committed to strengthening the retail baking industry. Working closely with its members, this not-for-profit trade association fosters the community of bakers in a variety of ways.

RBA works to connect buyers and sellers; provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among industry professionals; create opportunities to network, learn, and mentor; develop training and small business programs; and, create industry standards through professional certification, industry research, and school programs.

The success the RBA has had in these endeavors has allowed it to thrive in its century-long history, as it continues to grow and add new members to its community. This year, RBA is recognizing these past accomplishments and celebrating its centennial throughout the year with new and improved roadshows, new certification designations, a 100th anniversary celebration later in the year, and National Bakery Day 2018 on September 14.

Additionally, the organization will be having monthly prize giveaways throughout the year for its members and friends. In January, RBA partnered with Bake Magazine.

Visitors to could click on the “Free Newsletter Sign Up” button at the top of the home page, register for the Bakery Insider eBlast, and comment on RBA’s post on Facebook regarding the giveaway. All of these individuals were entered to win one free year of Bake Magazine, delivered right to a home or bakery. The winner, announced on Facebook on February 1, was Kristi Cooper.