Image courtesy of Vera Wang. Click to see more in this slideshow.
Designer Vera Wang is no stranger to visual artistry, which is why a pairing with a high-end bakery makes sense. That is what is being brought to the table with Vera Wang’s new dessert line through a partnership with French luxury bakery Ladurée.

The flavor that dominates the line is coconut. The products that will be available include coconut crème chantilly macarons, coconut and mango wedding cakes, coconut and mango mini cakes, and a cake made out of coconut crème chantilly macarons.

“Coconut is one of my favorite flavors in any context. It always tastes delicate, yet complex, even when mixed with other flavors, even scents!” says Vera Wang. “A coconut chantilly macaron and a mango-flavored coconut were heaven at first bite for me.”

Wang says she approached the line like she would a wedding dress, substituting flavors and textures for fabric and finishings. The limited-edition Vera Wang Pour Ladurée line is available through January 26 at the designer store’s Madison Avenue and Soho locations in New York City.

See more of the Vera Wang Pour Ladurée line in this slideshow.