Image courtesy of Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee is the largest coffeehouse chain in the U.K., and the second largest in the world behind Starbucks. The retailer has been able to grow at a significant rate due to its business practices, many of which are outside the box.

One of the unique promotional tools is its ‘babyccinos.’ These beverages are not caffeinated – they are simply frothed milk served in a small espresso cup. Flavoring can be added for an additional charge. Additions such as marshmallows or chocolate flakes are available.

Costa Coffee recently announced that these kid-centric beverages are now free (with added flavors at a slight charge). While other coffeehouses, including Starbucks, have offered frothed milk in small cups for free, Costa Coffee has been able to turn it into a great marketing promotion.

For bakeries and bakery-cafés that offer coffee beverages, this may be a way to appeal to customers with children.