Image courtesy of the National Restaurant Association
Recently, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) released what it predicts to be the hot culinary trends for the year.

The NRA surveyed almost 700 professional chefs who are members of the American Culinary Federation, asking them which food, cuisine, and beverages will be prevalent on menus in 2018. Ethnic cuisine and street food dishes were among the popular items that will affect restaurants across the country, but there were also items that will have an impact on retail bakeries.

One of the top products expected to be seen on plenty of menus is doughnuts with nontraditional fillings. More chefs voted for this trend in the survey compared to last year than any other trend. Often, filled doughnuts use either vanilla cream or fruit, but this trend will see flavors such as cheesecake stand out.

Meanwhile, another trend we continue to follow in 2018 is Thailand-inspired rolled ice cream. This dessert has swept the U.S. in the past year, as more shops adopt the technique. It’s easy-to-make, perfect for Instagram, and most importantly, quite delicious.