Image courtesy of Porto’s Bakery and Café
Renowned Southern California bakery Porto’s Bakery and Café specializes in Hispanic pastries due to its Cuban heritage. That includes its Rosca de Reyes, which is a hit with customers.

Porto’s is preparing for Three Kings’ Day on Saturday, January 6 with the famous Hispanic sweet bread. It expects to sell over 5,000 of them across its four stores this year. That is not the only big thing Porto’s hopes to accomplish for the holiday.

The bakery is creating a 24-foot by 2-and-half foot Rosca de Reyes with dried and candied fruits on Friday, January 5. The ingredients necessary to put this together include 125 pounds of dough, 12 pounds of sugar, 18 pounds of butter, 70 eggs, 60 pounds of flour, and 1 1/4 gallons of milk.  

Porto's says that this Rosca de Reyes is the largest one ever in Los Angeles.

“I think people love to see things that are different, so we said let's make a big one and what was the biggest one ever made in Los Angeles?” says Porto’s chef Tony Salazar.