Generations Z, also known as post-millennials, is the age demographic following millennials. Typically, it’s defined as those born between 1997 and the present. This demographic is rising in retail importance as it includes many who have already joined the workforce or will do so in just a few years.

UNiDAYS, a company that helps businesses connect with these younger consumers, recently surveyed 1,893 college students to determine their eating and dining habits. We already know that Generation Z likes snacks and sides, doesn’t skip breakfast, and embraces fresh and healthy, but this survey provided even more details.

Here is the breakdown of some of the survey’s important findings:

  • New experiences – 78% are willing to spend the majority of their budget on food, after other necessary expenses. This includes taste adventures.
  • Saving money – 93% are more likely to try a restaurant that offered special discounts.
  • After regular hours – Younger generations are flexible about meal times – often eating meals later than tradition dictates – especially if discounts are involved.
  • Marketing is important – Generation Z is more likely to be reached through social media, with content that is visually appealing and short in length.