According to the National Confectioners Association, Americans will spend nearly $2 billion on confections in the lead-up to Christmas. While each state has its preference, they all have a love of candy in common.

The predicted $1.93 billion spent on sweet treats will help to boost the industry’s 55,000 jobs in addition to over 410,000 jobs candy-supported industries like retail, transportation, and agriculture.

“The winter holidays are a special time in the candy industry,” says NCA President and CEO John Downs. “From hanging candy canes on the Christmas tree to sharing chocolate snowmen with family and friends, there are dozens of ways Americans celebrate with confectionery this time of year. And behind those special treats are 55,000 confectionery employees in communities across the country working hard to make the treats that Americans will enjoy as part of a happy, balanced lifestyle – at the holidays and throughout the year.”

The National Confectioners Association also states that more than ¾ of Americans say they will likely include chocolate and candy in stockings or give confections as gifts to friends and family this holiday season, something to keep in mind for your bakery, patisserie, or confiserie.