Jonathan Bethony with some of Seylou's freshly-baked bread. Image courtesy of Seylou Bakery & Mill.
Seylou Bakery & Mill opened last month in Washington, D.C. to rave reviews. The bakery is led by co-owner and baker Jonathan Bethony, who has been referred to as the ‘Steve Jobs of Bread’ for his innovation with locally sourced, freshly milled whole grains.

Through a difficult baking process, Seylou creates 100 percent whole wheat bread loaves with its in-house stone mill (the first in D.C.) and wood-fired oven. Its whole wheat sourdough loaves make it a rarity throughout the country. Bethony perfected this process and much more while he was the resident baker at Washington State University’s Bread Lab for several years.

Bethony leaves the bran and germ in the flour, which adds nutrients and flavors but requires more time and skill to bake.

“Some of my baker friends were like, ‘Why did you make like the hardest bakery possible? Being a baker is hard enough,’” says Bethony. “It helps keep me grounded.”

Seylou hasn’t just gained attention for its bread. Its brownies and canelés are made with sorghum, which has made them some of the most requested items at the bakery. Thanks to its bread and baked goods, Seylou has had plenty of satisfied customers chiming in on Yelp and social media.

For Bethony and his team at Seylou, the dedication to its process has paid off as word quickly spreads about this revolutionary bakery in the nation’s capital.