Image courtesy of Kenilworth Bakery
A new doughnut creation coming from Kenilworth, Queensland in Australia is causing plenty of buzz both in that country and abroad.

Kenilworth Bakery recently introduced a coffee-in-a-doughnut concoction. It is a cinnamon doughnut lined with Nutella, which is then filled with the bakery’s own coffee.

Fernando Santi is a new barista at the bakery and coffee shop, and he created the coffee-filled doughnut. “He had the idea and played around with it, using my baking skills. Being Brazilian, he knows so much about coffee. It took us about a week to perfect but they are amazing,” says owner Jenna Sanders.

The new doughnut will become available at the bakery starting tomorrow, with a long line undoubtedly forming as customers await their opportunity to try the $8 (roughly $6.10 USD) doughnut.

Kenilworth Bakery has been in business for 97 years, making its continued commitment to innovation that much more impressive. Certainly, U.S. retail bakeries can learn something from this Australian institution, both in terms of product innovation and longevity.