Image courtesy of Cinnabon
National Cookie Day takes place Monday, December 4, and bakeries are looking to capitalize on the tasty treat’s holiday. Cinnamon roll bakery chain Cinnabon has announced that it will offer a new treat to customers that combines its classic cinnamon rolls with chocolate chip cookies.

The new Cookie BonBite is a bite-sized version of Cinnabon's world-famous cinnamon roll, baked inside of a chocolate chip cookie. The hybrid goodie will be available at Cinnabon locations nationwide for a limited time.

“The Cookie BonBite is one of our yummiest examples of creativity to come out of the innovation kitchen,” says Jill Thomas, vice president of global marketing for Cinnabon. “The delicious Cookie BonBite joins two extraordinary baked goods to create an unexpected out-of-this-world flavor combination not to be missed! National Cookie Day provides the perfect occasion for our guests to enjoy the ultimate cookie experience.”

The cookie portion of the Cookie BonBite comes courtesy of Nashville's Christie Cookie Company. “Our partnership with Christie Cookie Company is just one example of our dedication to supporting premium bakery brands that offer craveable products on par with Cinnabon,” Thomas says.

What would cookies be without a glass of milk, though? Cinnabon has the answer to that, with another partnership. The company is working with fairlife Milk to provide a free 8 ounce bottle of milk with every Cookie BonBite purchased on December 4. The Cookie BonBite is available for the price of $2.99 for one or $9.99 for a half dozen.